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Your Honey

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Info of me :D
My name is * Pamelia * :D .
I'm friendly !
I LOVE my Family , Friends & Gans :D ,
& I love taking photo & I'm in love with photography .

`{ - My nickname is PamPam , :D
& Of course im Finally sweet 16 :D
Birthday on every 29th Nov :D !
I'm attached to No One , I'm SINGLE :D
(Gan Eng Seng school), Green Skirt kid, here .
Tiong area & Bukit panjang , :D ,

And Tagg me with LOVEEE ! :D
Hate me then wad for viewing my blog ? Fuck off :D

Pamelia Chen

Shout Like A Bitch

Give me whatever i Wish for?
-I want to be happy , that's all .

-Him :D ,

-DSRL camera
-New Phonee
-More Elmo stuff
-Have a wonderful birthday this Year 2010 :D
-Happy go lucky
-More pretty pretty clothes
-Grow taller - :D

Last update on 6th dec 2010 :D

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    Wednesday, February 8, 2012
    Love have many kind of way

    This feeling in my heart just suck .
    I dun understand what's wrong with us / you / me .
    Everything seem to far apart from me .
    Is the feeling still the same ? You know how i feel ?
    Do you know how to treat me well ? NO .
    Do you know how to make me happy ? NO .
    All you know was hurting me , blame me .

    Till now , you just dun understand me enough .
    I just feel so used to it on how you treated me already .
    I feel nothing but just pain & hurts . Hais .

    7:24 PM

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    It been a long time I post .

    hmmm , my life is not too bad .
    Just had a break up during i had so much in camp & suddenly i feel so sad ....
    Well , this is life .
    i shall move on .

    8:40 PM

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011
    I enjoy my weekend so muchh

    It been a long time since i blog :D ,
    I shall start blogging againnn :D .

    I shall talk about Korean music wave on friday , 15July & trips to USS with family , on sunday - 17 July 2011


    Skipped school on the morning , to go back to GESS for sport fiesta .
    Helped with the floorball match , being a floorball referee was quite scary at the start .
    But slowly things was great :D . Got to scold some reallly GL people . HAHA !!

    After match , every student purpose to go back class .
    Friends & I went back to office & chill ourself . Pack those stuff that needed to pack .
    Mr goh order pizza for us :D yummy
    Ate & i went to fetch joanne from the side gate .
    Saw many of my juniors . So DAMM miss themmm !!!
    Left school around 3 !

    Went joanne house to bath then get ready to work .
    But something happennn that make so angry !!
    i open my bag , take out my towel all . then i found out that i forget my pants .
    I call all my working people to lend me . All dun have extra ..
    So i cab home , reached home , find my pants ... actaully my pants was inside my bag !!! WTF LAA !!
    Tell me i will not angry anot siaa !! PEKCEK .
    Reach home around 4 & i need reach work 4.30pm .
    So i quickly bath & cab to work .
    I wasted so much money :( !!

    Reached Work , do set up .
    When time to close , we close so fast !!
    & we got free ticket to korea wave .. :D .
    So happy lah us !!!  We run like mad , scream ...
    I first time went crazy over Korean .
    I took over 200++ photos of themmm . ( All upload to facebook )  
    It ends around 11.30pm .
    Try rush for the last train . & last train for red line was till kranji . wtf lahh .
    So i alight at woodland , see if there any bus . that timing was aready soon 1am ...
    No bus , & i am lost around woodland . asked people for way .
    Took a cab & home .
    Enjoy my day so much :D


    Woke up early to have breakfast with family & relative .
    We meet at tiong bahru market for breakfast , miss that place so much :( !
    After breakfast , head over to USS :D .
    Me & cousin play roller-coaster for the 2nd ride , the blue in colour de . is dammm fucking scaryy !!
    Our 1st ride was something turn here & there . I thought i will be headache after sitting ,
    but intheend like no feeling at all . HAHA  .
    Then we queue so long for the dinosaur ride . Sit on a flood then get yourself all wet .
    HAHA . My aunty , cousin all wear the poncho but i never wear .
    When i was about to sit on it , a kind person give me their used poncho .
    I took it , but i never wear , i only use there to cover my shoe as i am not wearing waterproof shoe ..
    & i cover my face .. i dun want those dirty water to make my face . later rashness .
    So in the end , i never get wet :D . but my leg only just wet . HAHAHA !!!
    Then we continue walked around , taking photos , had our lunch & we get a free box .
    ( shall try upload later the pic )

    After lunch , we continue playing all the rides , Taking photos , sit down & rest .
    I bought the water bottle :D . It quite expensive but i think it worth it .
    the bottle came with a drink , i try the fruit punch . It taste yummy but super sweet .
    After resting , We went for a show at 6.30pm . It was the last timing for the show .

    After watching , we walked around , had dinner at dinosaur restaurant . It chinese food ..
    After dinner , We all went home .
    My family cabbed home . Was super tired already & next day there school .


    9:19 PM

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